Recognition & Parents

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The Recognition Room

Welcome to our Recognition Room! Here, you will find students who are thriving online with distance learning. We would like to recognize students and provide digital privileges during this unprecedented time. Are you in the room?

11th Grade

Congrats Beverly on finishing your Integrated Math I course on APEX with a ‘B’!

Da’ Kayla
11th Grade

Taking Initiative & Reaching out to Principal Lutcher to get her work by any means necessary

11th Grade

Taking online learning seriously and working with Mr. Valdez

11th Grade

Taking initiative and working with Mr. Valdez

9th Grade

Completing his APEX work @ home

10th Grade

Most Improved nominated by his teachers

9th Grade

Logging on Zoom meetings with Mr. Rob

What Can Parents Do To Support PBIS?

Ask your child or children about their day at school or any meaningful engagement and learning interaction if working from home. For example, tell me 1 positive thing you did today?

Things You Can Ask Your Children

  • Did you have a Zoom meeting?
  • Have you submitted any work today?
  • Are you taking pictures of your completed work to share with your teachers?
  • Have you maintained regular communication with your teachers?
  • Have you participated in an online forum, chat, or discussion thread?
  • Tell me 1 thing you are proud of or learned today?
  • Have you initiated phone call, email and/or any other digital communication with your teachers or school administrators?
  • How can I help you?
  • Talk about making good choices and being a scholar, achiever, believer, encourager, and respectful at home and at school.
  • Read books/articles that discuss behavior or have lessons that teach them about character building
  • Communicate often with your child’s teacher on behavior. Ask how you can help? Share what practices and consequences that works at home.
  • Ask your child or children how much Kickboard Dollars “Saber Bucks” they have accumulated each day. Also, ask if they had any deductions?