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Our Mission & Vision

Westbrook High School’s mission is to use the E5F2 model to educate our scholars.

  • Engaging Educational Experience.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence.
  • Cultivating an Entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Inspire creativity in Media and Film.
  • Building students to become Financially Literate young adults.

Empowering young adults to be independent freethinkers ready for the world.

Read RWWNHS Principal Zeidy Revolorio’s Message to the parents and community.

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Westbrook Academy

The mission and vision of the Westbrook Academy is to promote every student with the skills and proficiency needed to succeed in high school, college, leadership and life.

Our vision is to transform education in South Los Angeles and become a hub that graduates all students prepared for healthy and successful lives, thereby radically improving the future of an entire community. We are committed to ensuring that every child receives an excellent education at our school.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

At the LA Promise Fund, we believe that education remains one of the most powerful tools to break century-old cycles of oppression, violence and poverty for students, their families and communities.